Climate Resilient Measures for Roads and Other Infrastructure

Recorded On: 2024/04/23

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Climate Resilient Measures for Roads and Other Infrastructure

On Demand


Presented by: Gordon Keller, PE, GE & Mark Weinhold, PE

Billions of dollars in damage have been sustained and many lives lost from climate-related storms and fires in recent years. The objective of this webinar is to present some of the road and infrastructure measures that can reasonably be implemented to reduce the vulnerability or likelihood of damage from
natural disasters. Current road maintenance and attention to thorough drainage detail are critical to avoid concentration of water on roads and prevent damage. Properly designed culverts with conservative capacity and measures to prevent plugging or stream diversion are needed. Stream simulation designed culverts that match natural channel characteristics offer resilience against storms. Various slope stabilization and erosion control measures can be particularly useful to add resilience to roads and prevent landslides, debris flows, and other types of storm damage.


Gordon Keller, PE, GE Geotechnical Engineer

Geotechnical Engineer


Mr. Keller is a licensed Civil and Geotechnical Engineer in California, with over 50 years of project experience with low-volume roads, bridges, drainage, and materials. He is a consultant involved in international roads training on rural road design and best management practices, storm damage repairs, and environmental impact mitigation. Recent work has focused on methods to help reduce the vulnerability of roads infrastructure to the impacts of floods, intense storms, and fires.

Mark Weinhold, PE, Hydraulic Engineer

Hydrology/Hydraulic Engineering

USDA Forest Service

Mr Weinhold is a licensed Civil and Hydraulic Engineer working with the US Forest Service National Stream and Aquatic Ecology Center team. He is a senior engineer involved in the assessment, design, and repair of road-stream crossings and the implementation of stream simulation structures for aquatic organism passage as well as climate resilience. He has many years of international experience working with watershed management, roads, and drainage infrastructure.

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