The IECA 2024 Webinar Series, features industry experts sharing their expertise on a range of topics from erosion and sediment control to stormwater management and climate adaptation. Each session is designed to share knowledge with you on latest techniques and understanding to tackle environmental challenges effectively. The series includes webinars on innovative practices such as Regenerative Ecological Fitness and Nature Based Solutions, case studies on Stream Diversion and Landfill challenges, and practical applications like Shredded Wood Material for Rights of Way Stabilization. Each session is designed to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies for professionals in the industry, with a focus on sustainability, compliance, and environmental protection. The series offers webinars on innovative practices, case studies on challenging projects, and practical applications for industry professionals. The educational content is peer reviewed by industry professionals to provide the IECA community with topics that are both relevant and thought-provoking, aiming to advance the knowledge and skills of participants in managing soil and water resources.

Upcoming Live Webinars
are below - if you miss a live event, check the on-demand catalog for a copy of the recording.