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    This webinar is presented by Storm Water Solutions and the International Erosion Control Association (IECA). This webinar will present recent work to update runoff coefficients in the metropolitan Denver area within the Mile High Flood District. Many of the runoff coefficients included in local, regional, and national guidance documents were developed decades ago and do not necessarily represent current types and densities of development. This work involved analysis of recent developments to compare measured imperviousness with guidance on imperviousness that is used to calculate runoff coefficients to assess current density of developments relative to imperviousness assumptions in current criteria. We also searched the literature and performed analysis to develop criteria for runoff coefficients for different types of waterwise land cover from western desert rock mulch landscaping to landscaping with native grasses. In addition, we performed modeling analysis to evaluate the effects of disconnected impervious area and panel orientation on runoff coefficients for solar installations.

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    Developing your eye as an inspector. A review of common BMPs, specific strengths/weaknesses, product quality considerations, proper installation, inspection, and maintenance. A practitioners perspective including quantity estimating tips.

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