Collaboratively Building Ecological Fitness and Stacked Offsets in the Ross River Dam - Converting Weeds into Healthy Soils to Filter, Delay, Store and Heal one of the Largest Dam in Queensland

Includes a Live Web Event on 2024/08/06 at 5:00 PM (MDT)

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Collaboratively Building Ecological Fitness and Stacked Offsets in the Ross River Dam

Converting Weeds into Healthy Soils to Filter, Delay, Store and Heal one of the Largest Dam in Queensland


Date: 7 August 2024: Australia/NZ  
Time: 9:00 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time

Date: 6 August 2024: USA
Time: 5:00 PM Mountain Time

Duration: 1 hour

Presented by: Jason Lange

Regenerative Ecological Fitness Regenerative Ecological Fitness embodies an ongoing journey, embracing nature, adaptability, and Indigenous wisdom to nurture landscapes. It leverages weeds as resources, utilizing their potential to establish cover, control water velocity, and foster ecological complexity for large-scale restoration. This approach, rooted in Indigenous knowledge, fosters resilience, acknowledging the value of the journey itself rather than a fixed destination.  Join our webinar exploring Regenerative Ecological Fitness in erosion control. Discover how Indigenous wisdom and weed utilization can establish vital cover, mitigate water velocity, and foster ecosystem complexity for large-scale restoration. Learn how these transferable techniques can benefit councils and landowners across Australia, offering scalable practices rooted in Indigenous knowledge and adaptable to diverse landscapes. The webinar showcases practical applications and case studies, emphasizing the potential of these approaches to drive impactful change, fostering resilience, managing erosion, and promoting ecological restoration across broad territories.


Jason Lange

Jason Lange is a devoted dad, husband, and co-founder of Atlas Soils and Resource Recovery Network, where he pioneers innovative solutions in soil erosion and sediment control. With over two decades of experience, Jason is a leading figure in transforming waste management practices and enhancing soil health through sustainable initiatives across North Queensland.

At the forefront of SESC innovation, Jason collaborates with the International Water Centre and experts like Professor Sam Ham to apply Thematic Communication strategies aimed at improving SESC compliance. His groundbreaking work includes developing a range of soil health and SESC products derived from city waste. As the founder of Atlas Soils, Jason has been instrumental in building a suite of regionally transferable solutions that address critical environmental challenges.

Jason's collaboration with Townsville City Council has led to the co-development of catchment-scale circular economy outcomes that significantly enhance SESC practices. His contributions include the co-creation of the open-sourced Living Bags®, now widely used across Townsville for flow management and soil improvement, marking a substantial advancement in local government area management practices.

Under Jason’s leadership, Atlas Soils has secured a $500,000 support package from Coles, highlighting his ability to forge strong partnerships and drive community-centric sustainability initiatives. His Resource Recovery Network operates as a disruptive business model, innovating products and services that enhance the interconnectedness of soil, human, and city health.

Jason Lange is a practical innovator and a down-to-earth advocate who champions collaborative, effective solutions in the evolving landscape of environmental sustainability.

This event is worth One (1) Professional Development Hour. 

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