Effective MS4 Phase II Construction and Post-Construction Program Management

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Many states have been conducting detailed and in-depth, MS4 Phase II Construction & Post-construction program audits. These audits have included an overall program review in the office along with multiple field visits to actual construction sites. This webinar will outline requirements for MS4 Phase II Construction and Post-construction programs as well as provide an overview of actual audits and show materials that were developed to prepare for these audits. A briefing on overall lessons learned from several Construction and Post-construction audits will also be provided.


Learning Objectives: 

1. List items needed for implementation of a successful MS4 Phase II Construction & Post-construction program.

2. Review & then utilize examples of tools developed for other MS4 entities who have successfully completed and passed Construction & Post-construction audits.

3. Apply example information presented to identify specific MS4 managed construction & post-construction program issues and resolve them.

Course Level: All


Resource Planner

As a Resource Planner with Christopher B. Burke Engineering, LLC in Indianapolis, Indiana, Heather works with the MS4 Coordinators from several NPDES Phase II communities in Indiana to develop and implement all components of their Stormwater Quality Management Programs (SWQMP). Heather also completes erosion and sediment control inspections on behalf of both public agencies and private development. In addition, Heather completes various water quality evaluations through chemical, physical, and biological data collection and analysis; including IDDE screening, QHEI, macroinvertebrate, and fish community sampling.


Effective MS4 Phase II - Recorded Webinar
Recorded 2019/11/12
Recorded 2019/11/12
Credit - Course Evaluation
7 Questions
7 Questions To receive credit for this course, you must complete the course evaluation.
1.00 PDH credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 PDH credit  |  Certificate available