IECA Australasia Chapter's Environmental Excellence Award Winners for 2023

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IECA Australasia Chapter's Environmental Excellence Award Winners for 2023


PDH Credits: 1

Bruce Highway, Cairns Southern Access Corridor (Stage 3) - Edmonton to Gordonvale Project (E2G)

Presented by: Andrew Kindness



The Bruce Highway, Cairns Southern Access Corridor (Stage 3) - Edmonton to Gordonvale Project (E2G) is located south of Cairns in Far North Queensland.

It marks a significant advancement in infrastructure, focusing on the duplication of a 10.5 kilometre stretch of the Bruce Highway and realignment and upgrade of 4.7 kilometres of the Queensland Rail North Coast Line. Accompanying these primary objectives is the construction of new local roads, pedestrian and rail bridges.

Situated in a floodplain region, E2G contended with a unique set of environmental challenges - from constructing multiple bridges and managing tropical soils to grappling with unpredictable weather.

E2G's unique approach to implementing innovative solutions for environmental management, while weathering three tropical wet seasons and two tropical cyclones, without diminishing their commitment to erosion and sediment control performance will be discussed in this presentation.  Hear how they adopted innovative technologies, utilising drones for site mapping and erosion and sediment control evaluations, initiated trials for new erosion and sediment control products, and championed strategies that intertwined sustainability goals with erosion and sediment control planning.

NIWA Weather Forecasting – A New Zealand First in the Construction Industry

Presented by: Stephanie Kirk


Everything we do in the erosion and sediment control space is driven by the weather. Is it going to rain today, will that cyclone really end up hitting our site, do we need to install additional measures to help prepare? We focus on continually improving erosion and sediment control device design, investing in the latest water quality technology, applying chemical flocculants, and many more. When the weather governs so much of our world, why are most contractors not going above and beyond to invest in quality weather forecasting software?

This presentation will compare the accuracy of publicly available weather forecasting sites when compared with a top-tier weather forecasting provider and how investing in quality forecasting software can help your site save time and money and help you prepare more accurately for weather events.


Stephanie E. Kirk

Environmental Manager - Takitimu North Link

HEB Construction

Stephanie Kirk works for one of New Zealand's top contractors - HEB Construction. Recently becoming a fully accredited CPESC, she is currently acting as the Environmental Manager for the Takitimu North Link roading project which has over 3 million m3 of earthworks.

Prior to Takitimu, Stephanie spent the last two years looking after the environmental management for construction of Turitea Windfarm and four years as Environmental Advisor on the Hamilton Section of the Waikato Expressway. She has also spent time as a council compliance officer working throughout New Zealand. This has given her a well rounded understanding of erosion and sediment control from the contractor, client and council perspective.

Andrew Kindness

HSA Group (John Holland, Seymour Whyte, Aecom)

Andrew Kindness is a skilled Sustainability and Environmental Advisor with a strong background in Environmental Sustainability and diverse experience in infrastructure construction. His experience spans projects such as the Sydney Metro TSE Mega Project, Blue Mountains Heritage Station Upgrades, and the E2G project in Cairns. As a member of IECA and a CPESC, Andrew has a keen interest in the erosion and sediment control discipline. Currently, he leads sustainability outcomes for the Cairns Southern Access Corridor Stage 3: Edmonton to Gordonvale (E2G) Project in Cairns while also supporting the team in managing erosion and sediment control using best practices. His dedication to innovation and knowledge-sharing has positioned him as a valued professional in the field of sustainability and environmental management.

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