Insta-Turf Instant Armoring Mats

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Tim Lancaster from GrassWorx LLC discusses Inst-Turf's ShearForce Instant Armoring Erosion Control Products

Tim Lancaster

Vice President of Sales, Erosion Control

Tim Lancaster has been involved in the erosion control industry for over 30 years. After graduating from Purdue University in 1988 with a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource and Environmental Science, Tim worked for North American Green in various erosion technology, product development, and managerial roles until 2017. During his time with North American Green, he invented and further developed the company’s line of Vmax composite turf reinforcement mats. From 2004 – 2014, Tim served as Chairman of the Erosion Control Technology Council (ECTC), an industry organization that develops and promotes standards and guidelines for various types of commercially available erosion control products. Since 2017, he has been inventing, developing and launching a new line of simulated turf erosion control products with improved erosion protection capabilities. Tim now serves as Vice President of Sales for GrassWorx LLC, the manufacturer of these innovative new products.


Insta-Turf Instant Armoring Mats
Recorded 2020/09/14
Recorded 2020/09/14