Reduce Phosphorus from Stormwater Using Existing Infrastructure

Recorded On: 2024/02/13

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Reduce Phosphorus from Stormwater Using Existing Infrastructure


Duration: 1 Hour

Presented by: Brad Griko

The pollution of waterways by the nutrient phosphorus is quickly becoming an increasing area of environmental concern. Nutrient-rich stormwater flows have a detrimental effect when concentrated in lakes and rivers. This can lead to reduced recreational use, fish kills, or the potential for blue-green algae blooms to occur. Clearflow's field-proven and environmentally sound Gel Flocculants use a physiochemical process that has been engineered for use in existing stormwater collection infrastructure to reduce nutrient loading stress. Start making a difference in water quality immediately with this ready-to-use, simple, and effective technology.


Brad Griko

Vice President - Sales & Marketing

Clearflow Group Inc.

Brad's 30-year Water and Wastewater career has encompassed various roles and responsibilities. Beginning as a public Utility Operator and Graduate of the NAIT Water/Wastewater Technician program he worked in treatment plants as well as distribution and collection systems for nearly two decades in several municipalities. Moving next to industrial treatment processes he delivered Start-up and Commissioning services with Siemens on membrane treatment processes, filtration equipment and Ion exchange systems. Looking for a change of pace Brad then began a sales role with Veolia in Western Canada representing instrumentation, pumps, treatment systems and lab equipment. For the last 5 years, Clearflow Group has been home and Gel Flocculant application has been his focus as VP of Sales and Marketing.

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