IECA eHub Search Tips

The IECA eHub offers on-demand courses, allowing you access to industry leading education anytime, anywhere. Search the complete course catalog to find the courses that you need to get the job done. With around 100 courses available to you, it can be best to use the search feature to help find what fits your needs. 

Basic Search Tips: 

  • Select the Categories drop down to specify which category of IECA Education you are seeking. 
  • Selecting the product type will allow you to filter live events, recorded event and online courses with ease. 
  • Courses are in automatically sorted in alphabetical order. You can easily change the course listing by adjusting to new courses to old courses. 

Advanced Search Tips

  • If you are seeking more search options by selecting 'advanced search' in the top right of the catalog you will be able to search by keyword and date range for a more refined search. 

Not finding what you are looking for or do you have questions? The IECA education team is here to assist. Please email for assistance or call 303 640 7554.